Kids Camp Info

Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th April

Woodend Christian Camp

4 Days of fun for intermediate students

Featuring: Trampolines, Go-Kart, Flying Fox, Aero Jump, Climbing wall, Water Slide, Mini Golf, Archery, Awesome Leaders and Yummy Food.

What’s it going to cost?

The true cost of camp is $340, but due to a number of generous supporters, we are able to offer significant subsidies so that no child misses out on camp, no matter what your circumstances. 

We ask that you contribute what you can so that we are able to continue supporting as many children as possible. We suggest a minimum contribution of $30 per camper if you are able


CDN Office: 942 3434 Email: Emergency Contact: 0221112626

Kids Camp details - T&Cs

Who is CDN?

CDN Trust is a Christian youth agency based in Riccarton and Hornby working with young people aged 10-17 and their families. Some aspects of our services are city-wide in scope such as Kids Camp. We also provide youth camps, a youth drop-in centre, school-based services, and other activities. We want to help young people put their energy toward constructive things that make lives better. The energy, abilities and dreams of young people can be a transforming powerful force for good in our community and our city.

Health and Safety 

Camp staff are police vetted and trained in health & safety as well as leadership skills.  We always have at least one leader trained in First Aid at every programme or event.

On the first day of camp, we will discreetly screen campers for head lice. In the event of finding signs of head lice, we will call home and give their caregivers the option of either sending their camper home to be treated or having the camper treated on camp.

Good behaviour and good discipline are important safety principles. If your child behaves inappropriately, we will talk with your child, if the problem persists we will call home so you can be informed and talk with your child. If there are issues that we believe are impacting safety and your child remaining at camp we will call home and have your child picked up as soon as possible.

CDN Trust will endeavour to exercise all due care, we will not be liable for any injury sustained by campers in the care of CDN Trust nor for any loss or damage suffered to any property in the camper’s possession. In the case of an emergency sudden illness or injury, CDN will seek medical care for your child. CDN will attempt to contact both of the contact people that have been supplied, but if no contact is made CDN will take what they believe to be reasonable steps to provide medical care.

Campers will be responsible for their own property and behaviour while part of this programme.

If your child is unwell at the start of camp they will be unable to attend camp. Please contact the camp director as soon as possible as we may have children on the waitlist. If your child is unable to come to camp we will make every effort to accommodate them on a future CDN camp. 

Covid 19

In line with updated government guidelines, we will no longer be requiring vaccine passes for Kids Camp, however we will continue to be vigilant with measures to mitigate any risk of covid-19. Our measures will include Covid screening of our volunteers, making masks & sanitiser ready for use. We also ask that you do not visit camp this week. If you must visit camp to pick up your child or drop off necessary personal items, please remain in the camp carpark and call the camp director.

Due to current COVID in the community and government guidelines, we may administer a RAT test for your child during camp. In the unlikely event that your child were to test positive for covid-19 or that we have to reduce our camp numbers due to staff or volunteers needing to isolate, we would contact you immediately and you would need to pick up your child from camp straight away. If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact us prior to camp.

Camp location and other details are subject to change due to Covid restrictions. If any changes do happen caregivers will be informed of any changes as soon as possible.


All the information gathered in this form will be used for the purposes of running camp and will be used in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. This information may be shared with other organisations for health and safety and administrative purposes, these include, but are not limited to Woodend Christian Camp,  CCHCT, and external program providers. We may also send you occasional updates about future CDN camps and programmes. You may opt-out of these updates at any time

CDN may take audio and visual images of campers while on camp for promotional and funding purposes. It is the Trust’s policy that any photos for publication are positive depictions of the campers and will be used in such a way to preserve anonymity. Please advise CDN if you have any concerns about the publication of your child’s photo.

Marae-style camping

CDN Trust camps periodically incorporate one or more marae-style teams.  This means that these teams participate in all the normal camp activities, but additionally may have some extra cultural elements, will sleep in a mixed-gender room which will have an open environment with experienced leaders. Separate, individual, gender-neutral cubicles are available for all changing, toilets and showering.  No one is to change clothes in the open-cabin environment.  

It is CDN Trust policy that in order to make camp a safe, enjoyable and inclusive place for all children, if your child is more comfortable in an open-mixed environment or for any reason needs access to an individual changing/bathroom area then the marae-style team(s) would be best for them.  If any of these apply to your child please do let us know on the email address listed below.

Whilst we are striving to accommodate all young people and their needs on all camps, unfortunately we are unable to offer marae-style teams on all of our camps. If by your preference or our policy, the marae-style team would be required for your young person, we may ask you to register them for our next camp which can accommodate them instead.

Other Information

Lost Property: We collect lots of lost property after a camp; please contact the office if your child is missing something. We’ll hold on to unclaimed gear for 3 weeks, then unclaimed gear will be given to families and groups who could make use of them.

Inappropriate Gear: If campers bring inappropriate gear (cell phone, cash, mp3 player, lollies, fizzy drink etc) we will name them and store them until the end of camp when they will be returned.

Clothing: We ask that campers bring modest clothing, for the interest of everyone on camp. If people wear bikinis or other revealing clothing, people will need to wear them under T-shirts etc.


In the event that you have a suggestion, concern or complaint please follow these steps:

Raise the suggestion, concern or complaint with the Camp Director – JC 0221112626 If it isn’t appropriate to do this then you can also raise your suggestion, concern or complaint with the CDN manager, phone 348 5507. Alternatively, put your concerns in writing and post them to: The Manager, CDN Trust, 44 Elizabeth St, Riccarton 8041