Hornby Hoops

HH Regulations

In order to make this a great event there’s a few things you should know!

1. All players must be wearing non-marking sports shoes.

2. Respect! We’ll all have a great time if you treat other players, referees and the gym space the way you want to be treated.

3. Games start on-time, if you are late to the start of your game the other team will be given a chance to start scoring!

3v3 rules

Every 3v3 tournament has slightly different game rules, here’s ours:

1. rock paper scissors to determine starting team.
2.  shots are worth 1 point, or 2 points behind the 3pt line.
3.  play to the official horn/buzzer.

4. if overtime is required it’s Golden Goal

5. If no score after 1 minute of overtime then a Golden Goal shootout from free throw line. (team that was defending at end of overtime gets first shot)
6. After a basket, the defensive team inbounds or dribbles from baseline
7.  Defensive team must get ball to 3point line before trying to score – even if the ball has not touched the rim.

8. After regular foul is simply a checked ball.

9. Shooting foul = 1 shot

10. Intentional foul = warning & checked ball, 2nd offense = 1 shot & ball

11. Technical/flagrant foul = 1 shot & ball

12. Time wasting = referee starts 5 second shot clock countdown

13.  we are running approx 10 minute games (2 minute changeover time)

14. If a team is not on court for the start time – they get 30secs to arrive.  After 30 seconds the team that is on court gets the ball and can score.  This continues every 20 seconds.  Game over If score reaches 8-0 without 2nd team getting 3 players on the court.

15.  This is a mixed tournament, no gender specific rules apply.  

16.  Teams in the year 7-9 grade may not have any older players in their team.  Senior grade teams can include younger players if they wish (but not players who have left school)

Contact Us

Contact James Harris:  james@cdntrust.org.nz or 027-600-3800